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The next generation in grinder design!

PK line has incorporated the most advanced grinder

features and technologies required by today’s most demanding coffee professionals.  With Compak's newest technology, a richer, sweeter and more complex espresso will emerge in the cup.

Incorporating a reducer on the motor giving the new PK Range 4 times the starting power torque and switching the REVS down, in order to maintain the grinder at only 350 RPM whilst, at the same time allowing a more equal & homogeneous distribution on the portafilter. 

You pick the way, specially designed for both uses Espresso & Filter Coffee. With either 83mm or 100mm specially designed steel burrs; a richer, sweeter and a more complex espresso will emerge in the cup. 

The next step to all coffee grinder manufacturers and highly sought after, Grind by Weight. Ensuring a consistent & accurate shot throughout the day, one after another, allowing a streamline Barista work flow.

Different operating modes available such as:

  • Automatic mode: allowing the barista to set-up each portafilter individually up to 10 different sizes and weights.

  • Manual mode: able to pre-set the desired weight for    three different dosages [1-2-3].



With 83 mm, specially designed High Extraction Yield Burrs for either “Espresso” & “Filter” usage, a richer, sweeter and more complex espresso will emerge in the cup. With the addition of a new high precision grind adjustment control with LCD screen grind point display, dialing in and monitoring grind point changes will be easier than ever.   Highly sought after options such as Grind by WEIGHT technology to improve consistency, shot accuracy and streamline barista work flow will also be available!

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