In case of PKE-PKF ,83mm Burrs turning at 350 RPM and running on a robust 950 Watt motor minimizes heat generation to prevent flavor degradation.


Unlike the Pk100, 98mm Burrs turning at 900 RPM and running on a robust 500Watt motor. 

In addition, a fan below the motor along with another adjacent to the grind chamber help to maintain temperature stability under the most demanding usage.


With 83 mm burrs made of high resistance K110 stainless steel, and a burr pattern which significantly increases the extraction yield during brewing, optimal levels of flavor and aroma will be attained.


Also, an innovative screw less burr design helps reduce coffee retention and improves particle distribution as grounds exit the grind chamber.​​

An improved clump breaking  system in the exit chute ensures optimal distribution of grounds in the portafilter for optimal shot consistency.

​Reduce static and eliminate clumping. Guarantees an optimal distribution of coffee in the porta filter holder.

Grinding quality "shot after shot".